How many naval mines were cleared for D-Day?

How many naval mines were cleared for D-Day?

I was interested to read in this question about the clearing of naval mines for D-Day in 1944. There are estimates of the frequency of the mines on the beach -- says there were "4 million landmines along Normandy's beaches", but I've not found anything on the number of mines cleared in the water.

Does any source indicate or suggest how many naval mines were cleared by the nighttime minesweeping operation?

According to United States Naval Administrative History of World War II, Chapter VII - Defensive Measures - Neptune Operation, Part V - Neptune Minesweeping Operations, 552.

West East Total Moored mines swept 91 95 186 Ground mines swept 140 109 249 Ground mines accounted 6 68 74 for other than by minesweepers Total 261 291 552

Ground mines, aka bottom mines, sit on the bottom in shallow water.