They find the mummified body of a 200-year-old Tibetan monk

They find the mummified body of a 200-year-old Tibetan monk

The mummified body (and very well preserved) of a monk meditating, was found in Mongolia's Songinokhairkhan province, the newspaper reported Mongolia’s Morning Newspaper.

«The mummified body is in the lotus position, as if it were still meditating. Experts believe that the body may be about 200 years old«, It is seen in the report, where it is added that«So far no information is available on the exact place where it has been found. The only details accessed indicate that it was covered with cattle hide, although it is unclear whether cow, horse or camel«.

Initial speculation indicates that the mummy could be from a teacher of the famous Lama Dashi-Dorzho Itigilov, born in 1852.

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