New tattoos found on Ötzi, the Iceman

New tattoos found on Ötzi, the Iceman

A study of various photographs taken at Ötzi, the 5,300-year-old Iceman discovered in 1991, has revealed new tattoos on his chest.

In order to carry out this study, Marco Samadelli, Marcello Melis, Matteo Miccoli, Eduard Egarter Vigl and Albert R. Zink, took a series of non-invasive multispectral photographic captures, for which Ötzi's body must have been partially thawed, which is normally at 21.2º (raising its temperature to 29.2º).

The photographs were processed using special software designed to detect color differences in a non-visible spectral range and they have found a group of tattoos that had not been accounted for in previous studies on the lower part of your rib cage, and that are not visible to the naked eye.

¿What was the purpose of these tattoos?

These new tattoos continue to confirm the hypothesis raised above, that The 19 groups of tattoos that Ötzi presents had a medicinal or therapeutic purpose, since it has been proven that 80% of them correspond to classical Chinese acupuncture points, which were used to treat rheumatism, while others are in the sites used by acupuncture to treat ailments such as back pain or abdominal disorders, from which Ötzi suffered.

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However, this new group of tattoos are not found on joints, so they were not related to these ailments, however and as Dr. Lars Krutak states in his book «Spiritual Skin: Magical Tattos and Scarification", These lines also match acupuncture to treat gallstones, colon problems, or arteriosclerosis.

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