The Pyramid of Meidum, a new point of interest on the “pyramid route”

The Pyramid of Meidum, a new point of interest on the “pyramid route”

The Egyptian Ministries of Antiquities and Tourism have agreed to include the Pyramid of Meidum, located in Beni Suef, on the west bank of the Nile 100 kilometers south of Cairo, in the visit program to the Pyramids of Giza.

The Pyramid of meidum It is one of the oldest in the world and stands out for being staggered. Built by Huni, the last pharaoh of the III dynasty in the XXVI century BC, and completed by Snefu, his son and founder of the IV dynasty, it has become one of the most visited by tourists, allowing to know a key site of the Ancient Egypt.

Around the pyramid is the necropolis of the 4th dynasty, where are the tombs of princes and personalities of the court, among them, the tomb of Nefermaat, the son of Snefu.

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