DNA tests will be performed on the mummy Juanita

DNA tests will be performed on the mummy Juanita

Scientists hope to learn more about the origins of the famous mummy "Juanita" from Peru thanks to DNA tests, in which they will use the stem cells stored in the umbilical cord of the mummy.

The mummy was found in 1995 by the anthropologist Johan Reinhard in southern Peru. Juanita died when she was about 13 years old. She was apparently killed by receiving a blow to the back of the head as part of an Inca human sacrifice ritual.

Although DNA analysis was done shortly after finding the mummy, the researchers believe that new technological advances may help to find out more about Juanita's story.

The extension of the scientific studies of the stem cells of the umbilical cord of the Mummy Juanita will be opportune since it will allow us to obtain more information about the origin of the sacrificed adolescent and her family”Said José Antonio Chávez, director of the Andean Sanctuaries Museum, where Juanita is exhibited.

In addition, the researchers plan examine seeds and pollen that were kept together with Juanita, a point that will give them information about the climate of the time in which the young woman lived.

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