The new National Archaeological Museum (MAN)

The new National Archaeological Museum (MAN)

After years of waiting and 65 million euros, a modern and incredible museum opens its doors.

Founded in 1867 by Isabel II, the MAN - National Archaeological Museum, is located behind the National Library in Madrid, the first days of reopening the influx has been incredible, two weeks after the opening we still have to wait more than forty minutes to enter, something that will undoubtedly deserve the pain.

With 40 rooms to house the museum's 13,000 treasures, the trip begins with a tribute to the archaeologists responsible for finding the treasures that we are going to know. The remains of a female Neanderthal welcome us, surrounded by many fossils of extinct species: such as the enormous antlers of the Uro or defenses of extinct Elephas, all exposed in an incredible way that makes you live a fantastic story through time.

Without realizing it we will arrive at the magnificent Lady of Elche, exhibited for a long time at the Louvre Museum, now always surrounded by cameras, is the beautiful epicenter of protohistory, well guarded by the ladies of Baza, Ibiza and Galera.

The tour will take us to know one of the most important collections of Greek ceramics in the world, we will pass through huge rooms full of treasures of the Roman Hispania, until arriving at the modern age, without forgetting to know before the Egyptian mummies, the Near East and the Middle Ages. It is also necessary to mention a mezzanine dedicated to numismatics with 300,000 pieces dating from the 6th century BC. to the XXI.

Entering this adventure will cost us 3 euros, but until April 21, admission will be free.

Without a doubt, a mandatory stop for the whole family.

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