The Vatican will digitize 3,000 manuscripts from its Library

The Vatican will digitize 3,000 manuscripts from its Library

Around 3,000 manuscripts from the Vatican Apostolic Library will be digitized by the Japanese company NTT Data for the next four years. The agreement established between the Vatican, NTT Data and the Vatican Library was presented to the press by Monsignor Jean-Louis Brugues.

The first manuscripts to be digitized will be those kept in the library. The intention is to scan and digitize about 1.5 million pages of the library's manuscript collection, which has 82,000 works and 41 million pages.

The manuscripts that will be digitized range from pre-Columbian America to China and Japan and the Far East, through all the languages ​​and cultures that have marked the culture of Europe.”Said Monsignor Jean-Louis Brugues.

Cultural institutions and companies have been created that share and support the initiative and, although the first phase of the project includes 3,000 manuscripts, it is believed that a total of 15,000 digitized manuscripts can be reached in four years.

This initiative constitutes work that helps the conservation and dissemination of knowledge.

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