19th century prisoner graves found near Portsmouth

19th century prisoner graves found near Portsmouth

A team of British soldiers wounded in Afghanistan, assisting in the award-winning Operation Nightingale, were working on the shore of an area known as "Burrow Island”When he received an emergency call about human remains exposed due to weather conditions, next to Portsmouth.

It was about graves of prisoners from the 19th century. The place, known as Isla Rata, has not been used by the armed forces for more than 40 years, despite its proximity to Her Majesty's Naval Base. Experts hope to reveal the sex, age, and physical health of individuals.

It is always exciting to be part of a rapid reaction force"Said archaeologist Richard Osgood after the excavation. "They only told us that in three days we had to be on the site and establish exactly what had been found”.

The fact that the Afghan soldiers collaborated in the process has been satisfactory according to Osgood "It is rewarding this program to help wounded soldiers in Afghanistan recover and acquire new skills, it is proving to be successful for them and useful for my team”.

Drs. Nicolás Márquez Grant and Dr. Kelly Domoney have stated that the discovery is: “A great opportunity to be able to work in the search and identification of the human remains of the place”.

Post excavation work to be carried out in the laboratory shed light on the conditions of individuals and the history of Rat Island.

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