Exhibition “Fémina. Being a woman in Rome ”, at the Villa Romana La Olmeda

Exhibition “Fémina. Being a woman in Rome ”, at the Villa Romana La Olmeda

Tomorrow, December 14, Villa Romana La Olmeda, located in Pedrosa de la Vega (Palencia), will inaugurate the exhibition “Fémina. Being a woman in Rome », offering a journey on the role that women played in that civilization both in legal form and in daily life, in beauty or in mythology.

The sample consists of twelve panels dedicated to various topics such as those mentioned above, offering the visitor a knowledge arising directly from the mosaics and grave goods found in the Villa Romana La Olmeda. In addition, the exhibition will feature all the objects found in the area and reproductions that were obtained through the data obtained and that are exhibited in Rome, Pompeii and Herculaneum.

The exhibition can be enjoyed until March 8, 2014, International Women's Day, where a special activity will be held that will consist of a historical reenactment on personal grooming, makeup, perfumes and hairstyle in Ancient Rome.

Access to this exhibition is free with entry to Villa Romana La Olmeda.

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