The Aztec Empire arrives in New Zealand for the first time

The Aztec Empire arrives in New Zealand for the first time

In New Zealand's capital Wellington, an exhibition is taking place that tells the glorious, dramatic and ultimately tragic story of the empire of the aztecs.

This exhibition takes place at the Museum of New Zealand, Te Papa Tongarewa, where more than 200 objects have been collected from museums throughout Mexico to be shown the Pacific country for the first time. Museum director Lynette Townsend says that “the exhibition of the Aztecs: The conquest and glory ”offers a fascinating vision of the ways of life, beliefs and rituals of this American people”. To which he added that “this is a rare opportunity to see the most sacred and appreciated pieces by the Aztecs”.

One of the most precious pieces is a large ceramic sculpture by Mictlantecuhtli, the god of death and lord of the underworld. This fearsome sculpture appears to be looking for someone and stands guard at the entrance before entering the museum and experiencing the inner temple.

Here visitors learn about life after death and the trip to the Mictlan, the place where most Aztecs travel to when they die. Another feature of the exhibition is a gold earring that represents Xochipilli, prince of flowers, the god of dance, song, art, flowers and beauty.

The centerpiece of this exhibition is a great Aztec temple outside, a replica of the Templo Mayor, whose surface is one tenth of what was actually the authentic temple, which was destroyed after the arrival of the Spanish conquerors in 1521.

In Townsend's words “It has been an ambitious and complex project so it is exciting to be at the point where we are about to open once in a lifetime exhibition for the public.”.

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