Review of "El Sueño del Santo", by Juan Herranz

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A priori, a historical book that is located in the town of Undués de Lerda (Aragon), does not usually catch readers so much and less at a time when novels based on great empires, especially the Roman one, are so fashionable.

However, when one begins to read 'The Saint's Dream‘, The novel of Juan Herranz, he sees that he will leave the traditional, that different situations and circumstances that escape the common will begin to intermingle, and that a small town it will attract the attention of big cities like Madrid, Rome or Munich.

The Church, a secret organization, the game of the Goose, several characters from different parts of the world looking for something unknown, and a commune worthy of comparison with the island of Utopia created by Tomás Moro (published in 1516), they are the main ingredients of a work that is read with unexpected agility.

In the book we will begin to see the confrontations between various powers that escape from the hands of the common inhabitants of the town of Undués, generating different events as the chapters unfold and that alter the order of a place predestined to something great, but that very few suspect.

Only those who know the story in which a saint dreamed, several centuries ago, that Undués would become a singular enclave and of great importance for History, they will be in charge of wanting to anticipate the facts, forgetting perhaps the most important thing: what should happen will happen, regardless of the “human” manipulations.

The future is already written and the characters in the book will try to play Nostradamus without mediating the consequences that this may entail, and mainly, being increasingly surprised to see that events also escape their hands without being able to do anything to stop them.

A retiree who decides to retire in Undués, a German journalist attracted by a story, Catholic monks who discover a secret, a community that had decided to isolate itself from society, a mayor who sees the peace of his town disturbed and a girl who hides a great secret, these are just some of the characters that we will come across in reading and that will awaken different feelings in us.

I don't want to get into the plot of the work any more so as not to reveal any secrets, since it is a short book, which added to the agility of the reading and a plot that varies chapter by chapter, it will make you devour it without even blinking.

The game is raised. The characters are ready. You just need to take the book and devour it, because believe me that it will not be a typical reading of a novel, but that it will catch you and take you to its end in less time than you imagine.

If you want buy «El Sueño del Santo», you can do it through the Mira Editores website, in the Central Library or at your nearest bookstore.

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