Found the grave of a politician of the s. VII in China

Found the grave of a politician of the s. VII in China

Archaeologists have discovered the tomb of a very powerful woman politician in 7th century China.Shangguan wan'er she lived from 664 to 710 in the Tang Dynasty and was a trusted woman of the first ambassador Wu Zetian. She married Wu's son at the same time that she had relations with the president's lover and her nephew.

After a series of murders, and love affairs that occurred in the dynasty, Shangguan's husband Li Xian became emperor, and was later assassinated by his wife, who took power from him. Later, Li Longji assassinated her and Shangguan Wan'er.

The Deposit It was found near the airport in Xianyang in Shaanxi province and confirmed through a registration, according to China International Radio on its official website.

The images show excavations deep in ocher earth, with arched walkways and ceramic horses.

The finding of the tomb with the epitaph is very important in the study of the Tang dynastyChina Daily stated.

The tomb has suffered a great deterioration, indicating that there was a “organized and large-scale destruction”Commented researcher Geng Qinggang. "No treasures of gold or silver have been found, nor whole bones”, Concluded the researcher.

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