7,000-year-old objects found in Quebec

7,000-year-old objects found in Quebec

An archaeological team from Quebec begin excavations of a site with objects that could reach the 7,000 years old. Last summer it was found The Saunders Goose Pond, in Waskaganish north of Quebec, which could be more than 7,000 years old.

The James Bay community near Fort Rupert is known to be the birthplace of the Hudson Bay Company, and holds great historical value to locals thanks to its fishing tradition.

When groups of archaeologists began excavations near the Smokey Hill rapids last summer, they expected to find relics and pottery from more than 150 years old. But this, they took a great surprise to discover pieces of the prehistoric era.

A local citizen found stone-like knife blades and arrowheads and brought them to the Waskaganish Cultural Institute. "These findings are obviously different and quite old.”Says James Chism, the curator of the institute of archeology. "LThe tools could be between 4,000 and 7,000 years old”, Estimates the expert.

We don't have many such ancient sites in Quebec”, He says excitedly. In addition, he adds that these findings come from a time about which they know very little.

Last year, his team conducted an investigation of the site to mark the points of interest. On Monday they will be the first archaeologists to excavate the site The Saunders Goose Pond.

Chism states that the area where the relics were found was probably a peninsula or an island, although the site is now 63 meters above sea level.

Maybe, the territory was a camp, think the experts, who hope to be able to specify this summer through research and analysis of organic materials found, such as bones, for example.

Chism hopes the excavations will provide insight into the way of life of the people of Canada at the time. Data such as who they were, what they hunted or their diet, among others.

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