Roman outpost found in Jordan

Roman outpost found in Jordan

Robert Darby, professor of art history at the School of Art, and Erin Darby, assistant professor in the Department of Religious Studies, lead the archaeological project of Ayn gharandal, which has provided details about the fort, including the location of a former infantry unit.

«This is the kind of find archaeologists dream of, because it is a monumental inscription. " Erin Darby acknowledges. «This inscription allows us to fill in some gaps in Roman history. Since these findings are not very frequent, I am happy that my students have the opportunity to participate in this discovery ”, adds the teacher.

In the last four years, archaeologists and their team have excavated the ruins of Ayn gharandal.Last year they discovered the remains of an entrance to the fort, which included a Latin inscription with traces of red paint. The engraved block was decorated with laurel branches and a crown, symbols of victory in Roman art.

According to the inscriptions, the fort was dedicated to four figures who aided the emperors: Diocletian, Maximinian, Galerius and Constantius Chlorine, known as «The Tetrarchs»In Ancient Rome, who ruled between AD 293 and 305.

This inscription also provides data on the fort's infantry unit, which was the Cohors II Galatarum, or the Second Cohort of the Galatians. According to ancient sources, the unit was located in a settlement called Arieldela, unknown until the time of the discovery.

Roman military documents from this region indicate that the Cohors II Galatarum was sent to Israel to combat the Jewish uprising in the 2nd century, known as the Bar Kokhba revolt.”Explained Robert Darby. According to the professor, the inscription also indicates that this garrison remained in the area and was later assigned to another frontier of the empire, located in what is now Jordan.

Very few recorded texts have been found in the forts of this region, so this is the only one discovered in the excavation. These have been extracted and transferred to the American Center for Oriental Research in Amman, Jordan, and the excavation areas have been filled in.

The archaeological project Ayn gharandal will have its longest operating day in the summer of 2015.

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