A Neolithic settlement is rebuilt in Poland

A Neolithic settlement is rebuilt in Poland

The Archaeological Open Air Museum He is in charge of the reconstruction of a Neolithic settlement in a new extension of the building.

The Biskupin archaeological reserve is not only one of the most famous museums in Poland, but also in Central Europe”Said Piotr Calbecki, elected leader in Kuyavia and Pomerania province in an interview with the Polish Press Agency. "This place has gained renown thanks to its strong development, which we use to enrich the site”He added.

The Neolithic settlement remains They were discovered in 1934 by Professor Walenty Szwajcer. The following year archaeological work began, led by Professor Jozef Kostrzewski (1885-1969).

It is currently rebuilding a replica of the settlement, which will include longhouses in the same style from six millennia ago. In addition, the typical plantations of the time will be cultivated near the houses. The entire investment, including a tourist center, will cost 1 million euros, of which more than a quarter comes from European funds.

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