New excavations to find a kingdom of the Picts

New excavations to find a kingdom of the Picts

Archaeologists plan to increase excavations to find one of the lost kingdoms of the ancient Picts, a tribe of legendary warriors whose empire stretched from Fife to the Moray Firth, before their mysterious disappearance.

Until recently, historians believed that Fortriu, one of the most powerful kingdoms of "the painted people", was in Petrhshire. However, recent studies have located the Pictish Fort much further north of the Moray Firth area.

Today it has been discovered that a team of archaeologists from the University of Aberdeen is preparing to begin a series of excavations on the Ross-shir peninsula, where archaeologists uncovered evidence of the only Pictish monastic settlement found in Scotland to date.

Image: Lekemok on Wikimedia.

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