The budget for historic preservation in Germany is at risk

The budget for historic preservation in Germany is at risk

The biggest signature collection against budget cuts for the preservation of historical monuments has occurred during these days in Germany. More than 27,000 people signed up for serious consideration on the 2014 budget that will be established during the fall discussions.

The DGUF asks that at least the budget allocated during 2012 be maintained in order to be able to conserve archeology and the conservation of both the buildings and ancient monuments. During 2012, 11,300,000 euros were allocated, a figure that was reduced by 2 million in 2013.

The initiator of the petition, Dr. Frank Siegmund (In the picture, second from left), he asked the Minister of Construction, Housing, Development and Transportation about his plans to cut the budget to which he replied that the grant programs are possibly intended to finance the loan. The president of DGUF, Rengert elburg (first from the left), considers in this regard that loans are not an adequate tool for the conservation of historical sites since in many cases excavations, for example, do not obtain the adequate benefit to be financed with a loan.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel criticized the NRW upon learning that was withdrawing its support of caring for historic monuments and found that it is a “wrong priority”.

Image: Deutsche Gesellschaft für Ur-und Frühgeschichte eV (DGUF)

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